In this Photoshop Tutorial we will learn How To Create 3D Pop Out Effect using two different stock images to come up with mind blowing Photo Manipulation artwork.

In this Photo Manipulation Tutorial we will learn Photoshop technique which you can use to create your own 3d pop out effect. We will use the free stock image from freepik. But, before we start we will learn Photoshop Terms which will help us to get the more clarity about this tutorial.

What is Photo Manipulation?

Photo Manipulation is technique to alter two or more photographs to get a desired result using professional editing tool “Adobe Photoshop” You can check the below examples of Photo Manipulation.

Above examples will give you more clarity about the Photo Manipulation or Photoshop Effects.

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”

Photo Manipulation Tips

  1. Before you start with the Manipulation artwork read inspirational books, watch surreal videos, ones you get the clarity about what you want and what you want to create than start with your own photo manipulations.
  2. Work with the high res images to get the better output.
  3. Pay attention to the lights and shadows.
  4. Take care of the mood of the image.
  5. Spend much time to achieve the perfection and qualitative output.

If you follow all the above tips, i am sure you will come up with the craziest mind blowing Artwork.

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